E-Mail Marketing

Market your business by targeting your sales message to valuable new prospects and existing customers via a cost-effective, exciting and professionally produced email message, giving you that all important advantage over your competitors.

Through such a campaign, you could see a significant increase in sales figures, customer numbers and repeat orders, making this the best way to reach your target market.

Our design team works closely with clients to help plan, design and write concise copy for their email campaigns in order to ensure that their message is clear and targeted at the right audience.

We possess an extensive database of corporate email addresses covering both local, national and international companies,

Our records are regularly updated and ‘cleaned’, thus ensuring unwasted circulation of your emails.
Your email can be transmitted on a one-off, weekly, monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly basis and we can design your page to include a link to your website, allowing easy access for customers. A ‘contact us’ form can also be included within your email, sending any enquiries
and potential sales leads, on a standard form, straight to your inbox.

Why not talk to us about how we can put something together to help you attempt to generate more sales in this increasingly challenging corporate world.

You can call us on 01472 359036 or alternatively, send us an enquiry email via our ‘contacts’ page.